Helsinki-based contemporary artist Carina Chela believes that colors and textures profoundly impact our senses and speak directly to our hearts. Her brush flourishes freely on the canvas, experimenting and taking risks, evoking a spectrum of emotions.

"My process is often quite physical, and the scenes are motivated by a sense of motion and transition, including layers of renewal and decay. Sometimes I approach these themes in an abstract way, sometimes more figuratively or by merging styles. I have a multicultural background, so perhaps that's also reflected in my works which seem to have some mixtures and contrasts built in," she says.

Nature is Carina's greatest inspiration – especially water and its ever-changing forms. Her preferred medium is acrylic, enabling her to play with the hues, tones, and richly layered textures that are important in her creative process.

"Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to express both the incredible power and the tranquility of the ocean in the same painting."

Carina has also published three books of poetry and participated in several anthologies.